What to expect...

Welcome to katiedessin.com, it means a great deal to me that you've found yourself here. There are a number of reasons you might have landed on this page, let me take a guess: 1) You found this looking for my professional photography website? You're very close, and you did find the right person, but if you're looking to book a photographer, not an actor, visit www.katiedessinphotography.com. 2) You'e extremely supportive and are curious to see how I built my acting website? Welcome! And thank you! 3) I've given you my business card, resumé, or you've researched actors in the local area? Thank you for stopping by. I hope we can further connect soon!

So, now that I've established my audience, I'd like to run you through a little "what to expect while you're here". Let's start with the obvious:

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